FAQlast updated on February 13, 2016

1. How to create a Musicart ID?

To create a Musicart ID, please follow the following steps:

  • a) Access Musicart home page by accessing http://www.musicart.ae/
  • b) Click “My Account” link on the home page
  • c) Click “Create a Musicart ID”
  • d) Input all information required on the page
  • e) Click “Create a Musicart ID” button

2. How to book and pay for lessons online?

 To book a lesson online, you need to have a Musicart ID and a Student ID. 

  • a) Access Lessons category page by clicking the Lessons link on the top navigation bar;
  • b) Use the filters in the page to find the lessons you require, please ensure to choose the correct school. IMI: International Music Institute & JMI: Juli Music Institute;
  • c) Access the lesson details page by clicking the lesson you require;
  • d) Choose Lesson Location where the tuition will be given, please be noticed that the price may vary for different lesson location(School, Home or Online);
  • e) Choose available Lesson Duration
  • f) Choose Price Type. Per Term: Pay the tuition fees for the whole Term, Per Lesson: Pay the tuition fees for specified number of Lessons
  • g) Input Student ID. Please See Q&A #3 if you do not have a Student ID.
  • h) Click “Add to Cart” button.

3. How to create a Student ID?

To create a Student ID, you need to have a Musicart ID. If you do not have a Musicart ID, please see “How to create a Musicart ID?”. If you already have a Musicart ID, please follow the steps below to create a Student ID:

  • a) Access New Student ID page by clicking “Create a New Student ID” link;
  • b) Input required information;
  • c) Click “Create a New Student ID” button;
  • d) You will get the Student ID on the page; You need to create a Student ID for every student that takes lessons. Once you have the student ID, you can start booking lessons.