Terms and Conditions for Peripatetic Music/Dance Lessons in Aldar Academieslast updated on Sep 09, 2019

1. Lesson registration

Lessons must be paid for in advance via Musicart.ae.

2. Change of teacher

IMIG reserves the right to change the teacher.
If a teacher is absent due to illness or such other unavoidable issues, he or she will be replaced by another IMIG Teacher, or the lesson will be rescheduled for a later date.

3. Cancellation and rescheduling policy

Lessons can only be rescheduled if the student is absent as a result of sickness or pre-arranged school activities. Please ensure that IMIG is made aware of any absences for the aforementioned reasons, as follows;

Sickness: Contact Winnie before 9am on the day of absence; aldaracademies_arts@imig.ae  / 026211949.
School-arranged activities: Contact Winnie 24-hours prior to the day of absence/required rescheduling day; aldaracademies_arts@imig.ae  / 026211949 - Please note that lessons missed due to family holidays taken during term time cannot be rescheduled. No lessons can be carried over to the next term.

4. Attending Lessons

Musical instrument/Vocal/Dance lessons require commitment and maturity from all students.

Music Students are expected to attend all lessons with their required equipment, including but not limited to, as appropriate; music students; music book, woodwind reeds, valve oil, string rosin, plectrums. If a student does not bring the required materials to the lesson, the lesson will go ahead. If the school/teacher has an instrument which can be used by the student, this instrument will be used. If no additional instrument/suitable books are available, the teacher will provide aural/theory training. Only at the discretion of the teacher will the lesson be postponed. Refusal to attend the lesson due to missing materials will result in the lesson being marked as absent and therefore used.

- Please note that pupils in Year 4 and above are expected to attend their lessons without the support of the IMIG Teacher. Special considerations may apply for the first 2 lessons of Term 1 only.

Dance Students are required and suitable clothing for his/her lesson. Students should arrive for their lesson before the scheduled start time, late arrival at lessons will not be ‘made-up’. Dance make-up lessons may be required at an alternative location – no refunds are permitted as per point 5.

5. Refund policy

Zero/No Refund policy; All lessons, examinations and books are paid for under a no refund policy.
Any outstanding lessons at the end of term can be transferred to other family members or friends. Please note that an additional administration charge of Dhs 100 will be applied.

6. Accompanists for external music exams

All exam students, except piano students, must arrange their own piano accompaniment for exams. This can be arranged independently or through their teacher (at additional cost).
Parents should not enter students for examinations, without first gaining approval from the student’s teacher. If a parent submits a student for examination, the teacher or IMIG cannot be held liable for any result which falls below expected outcomes.

Parental Agreement

By completing payment for these lessons, examinations or books, I hereby declare my understanding and agreement in the terms and conditions as listed above.