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JMI 2018-2019 Term2 Music Theory Grade 4-5 Group Lesson

  • 1270.5 AED (VAT inclusive)
  • 02/01/2019    to   02/04/2019 ,    Total 11 lessons.
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  • Juli Music Institute
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Lesson Description

These classes enhance the learning process to compliment their practical lessons and prepare students for a Grade 4 or 5 ABRSM Theory Exam. It covers all aspects of the exam, and is a fun way to learn how to write music and understand why music is written the way it is.

Contents covered at Grade 4-5 level are: simple, compound and irregular time signatures, the addition of alto and tenor clefs, writing in open and closed scores for SATB, scales and key signatures of all major scales, up to and including 6 flats/sharps, technical names of notes in a scale, chromatic scales, triads and identifying chord progressions, all simple and compound intervals from any note, composition of a simple melody of not more than eight bars, more terms and signs, ornaments and orchestral instrument families and the basic understanding of their instruments.

*Group classes can only run with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 students. Confirmation will be given before payment is taken.