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Picture of 'Musicart Lark Cello Rent 250 AED/Month (Minimum 3 months)'

Musicart Lark Cello Rent 250 AED/Month (Minimum 3 months)Fulfilled by Musicart Souq

  • 787.5~787.5 AED (VAT inclusive)
  • 787.5 ~ 787.5 AED (VAT inclusive)
  • In stock: >5 available


Pickup in Abu Dhabi only Due to Pandemic. 

Why should pick up the Instrument?
1) Both parties need to inspect the instrument to be sure that it's in good condition.
2) Customer should sign the  rental contract agreement and agreed the terms and condition.
3) Customer should put the security deposit and can be refundable after expiration of the contract. 

Note: If you require delivery of the instrument, delivery cost will vary depending on your location.

Events & Team Building
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