Terms and Conditionslast updated on June 2, 2016

1. Registration Fees

i) A 200 AED registration fee is payable upon enrolment for all new students.

ii) A 100 AED renewal registration fee is payable for all existing students for each academic year.

iii) Registration fees are non-refundable and subject to change.

2. Tuition Fees

i) Priority for lesson scheduling will always be given to students who have registered and paid for the entire term.

ii) To retain your current lesson schedule, each term must be paid in advance by the date requested.

iii) If tuition fees are not paid in advance, by the date requested, your slot may be given to another student on the waiting list.

iv) The institutes reserve the right to change instructor.

v) Outstanding lessons can be transferred to other family members, subject to a 200 AED administration fee, and provided that they are taken in the same term. 

vi) Tuition fees are non-refundable and subject to change.

3. Rescheduled / Make Up Lessons

i) Group lessons cannot be rescheduled, unless the instructor is sick.

ii) Two lessons per term may be rescheduled providing that 24 hours notice is given.

iii) In cases of sickness, the relevant institute must be notified on the day and a medical certificate provided when the student next attends a lesson.

iv) Rescheduled lessons must be rearranged on the day of notification, and be taken within two weeks. Every effort will be made to reschedule lessons, however, they cannot be carried over to the next term.

v) The institutes will close during national holidays. Lessons scheduled on national holidays will need to be rescheduled during the same term.

4. ABRSM exams

i) All non piano students taking ABRSM practical exams must organize their own piano accompaniment for their exam.  This can be arranged independently or through the institutes (additional fees apply).

ii) For students sitting ABRSM exams, aural lessons may need to be arranged in addition to the usual practical lessons; please check with the individual instructor.

I have read, understood and accept the above Terms & Conditions.

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